Grace Church Teens

The Grace Church Youth Ministry exists to help teens pursue Christ and continue to grow on their life-long spiritual journey by creating opportunities for them to learn to love and trust Jesus and make a difference in our world for Him.  This includes the development of the four discipleship markers: Christ-centered worship, community, service and mission.


For those in 6th – 8th grade

6:00 pm on Sundays in the youth annex

LifeGate meetings include fun, team building games and a lesson on a life application from the Bible.

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For those in 9th – 12th grade (common ground site)

7:30 pm on Sundays in the youth annex

common ground seeks to provide dynamic environments that:

BUILD teens in their faith through worship, the Word, prayer, and fellowship
     * Learning to love God
         + Expressing our love for God through worship
         + Depending on prayer as our source of guidance and strength
         + Relying on the Word as our source of wisdom and truth
   * Learning to loving Others
         + Intentionally pursuing loving relationships that move beyond the walls out into the daily lives of teens.
EQUIP teens with tools to help them discover and develop their gifts and talents
    * Discovering Spiritual Gifts
         + Teaching and training all teens about their spiritual gifts that they may do works of service and the body of Christ may be built up.
    * Developing Spiritual Leadership
         + Encouraging teens to develop as spiritual leaders and mentors of others in the group.
CHALLENGE teens to serve others and to reach non-believers with the gospel.
     * Through Outreach
          + We practice and encourage three levels of outreach (CPR):
                 –   Cultivating friendships that allow uncompromised following of Christ.
                 –   Planting truth through conversations and questions to express God’s grace in your life.
                 –   Reaping a life-changing harvest by extending Christ’s challenge to repent and believe.
      * Through Missions/Service
            + We seek to reach:
                 –   Jerusalem – training conferences where evangelism and leadership skills are taught as well as monthly service projects
                 –   Judea/Samaria – domestic missions work in the US (concentrating on the Northeast)
                 –   Ends of the Earth – foreign missions work around the world