Local & Global Outreach

Athletes in Action

George & Cyndy McGovern


Chosen People Ministries


Chi Alpha

Jenna and Stevens DeJesus



Paul & Ilse Troper


Christian Mission to the U.N.

Gary Allen


Liebenzell Mission to the U.S.

Taeko Nakayama


Mendenhall Ministries



Proclaim Hope

David Bryant


Star of Hope Ministries


Street 2 Street

African Inland Mission

Scott & Barbara Harbert


Anda Leadership

Greg & Nancy Fritz


Christ for the City

Sarita Bautista
Susan Grosser


Lighthouse Pregnancy Resource Center


OMF International

Dave & Susan Parshall



Tom & Kathy Sutherland


Robert Morrison Project


TEAM – The Evangelical Alliance Mission

Dan & Linda Rudd

Local Service Opportunities