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with all that is going on in our world today and no opportunity to meet together, this site will help us stay connected. Grace Church Youth Ministry exists to help teens pursue Christ and continue to grow on their lifelong spiritual journey by creating opportunities for them to learn to love and trust Jesus and make a difference in our world for Him

Holy Week Ideas

Video from Pastor Jeff (4/2/2020)

Passover: Each year more Christians are drawn to celebrate Passover, the feast commemorating the departure of the Israelites from slavery (Exodus 12).  Jesus had come to Jerusalem to celebrate and was actually crucified on Passover Day.  He is the fulfillment of this tradition, as our own Passover Lamb. For more information on connecting the Old and New Testaments in this way, visit Introduction to a Christian Seder: Recovering Passover for Christians.

The Passion: Watch Mel Gibson’s portrayal of Jesus’s last hours with older children (warning: graphic but realistic violence).  If your children are younger,  If your children are younger, watch the Jesus Film Project’s beautifully-crafted evangelical movie, scripted only with words from the Gospel of Luke.

How To Keep Your Focus On Jesus During Holy Week

Reading Plan To ReFocus on Holy Week During Covid-19

Easter Week In Real Time

This week’s online devotion is Fear Not

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Staying Connected

We are using the Bible App to do daily devotions together

We are using Zoom for our Sunday night meetings.

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