Grace Church Global Outreach

How To Pray

  • PRAY your way through the list of our missionaries and mission organizations.
  • When you finish your time focusing on that family or group, send them an email, card or letter telling them you are praying for them.
  • Keep a record of prayer requests (jot them in a journal) and update it when a request is answered.
  • Locate their country, city, or place of service on a map of your own.
  • Research the culture of the people a missionary serves through other web sites, encyclopedias, library books, or missions books such as You Can Change the World by Jill Johnson. Discuss ways in which their culture differs from ours, but God’s love is the same.
  • Scan the newspaper or search the web for news articles that mention that country and think about the impact those events may have on the people of that nation and the missionaries who live there.
  • Think about the many things you have learned and see if there is a Bible verse that relates to that particular missionary. Read that verse at your devotions and try to memorize it.
  • When you finish your time focusing on that family or group, send them an email (or a card or letter) telling them that you have been praying for them.
  • Hang a copy of the missionary’s picture on your refrigerator, bulletin board, or world map.
  • Start a small photo album of pictures of missionaries for whom you are praying.
  • Become a pen pal with a missionary’s child close to you in age. Send photos of you and your family, letters, and homemade greeting cards for their birthday and holidays. Become prayer partners.
  • Send a birthday card to a missionary.

Read Some Books

  • You Can Change The World – Jill Johnstone
  • Out of the Saltshaker and Into the World: Evangelism as a Way of Life – Rebecca Manley Pippert
  • Stepping Out: A Guide to Short Term Missions – YWAM
  • Serving as Senders: How to Care for Your Missionaries While They Are Preparing to Go, While They are on the Field, When They Return.

Mission Organizations

Africa Inland Mission
Athletes in Action
Caleb Project
Chosen People Ministries
Christ for the City International
Christian Mission for the United Nations
Habitat for Humanity Habitat
Mendenhall Ministries
OMF International
Pioneers USA
Precept Ministries International
SIL International
Star of Hope Ministries
Straight Ahead Ministries
TEAM -The Evangelical Alliance Mission
World Team
Wycliffe Associates
Wycliffe Bible Translators – USA
Youth for Christ


Urbana Student Missions Conference