Glorifying God by making disciples…

“Having experienced the transforming power of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are passionate about glorifying God by making disciples through Christ-centered worship, community, service and mission.”

God created all things and orchestrated all of history to display his glory in Jesus Christ, and by his grace, we glorify God as we seek to conform to the image of Christ.  Therefore, at Grace Church we aim to be “Christ-centered” in all that we do:

  • We are Christ-centered in worship because in his grace, God gave us new hearts (Ezekiel 36) in Christ not because we deserved it, but despite the fact we didn’t (Romans 5).
  • We are Christ-centered in community because the blood of Christ has broken down walls among the Church that we may all be reunited under His name (Ephesians 2).
  • We are Christ-centered in our service because Jesus has freed us to live open-handed both in the church and in the world to reveal his light of hope to the world (Matthew 5).
  • We are Christ-centered in our mission because Jesus commissioned us to make disciples both locally and globally through the spread and power of the gospel (Matthew 28).